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Prostate problems have become almost epidemic in men over 40 with and estimated 165,000 new cases diagnosed this year, double the number diagnosed in 1985. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States after lung cancer. The concern about prostate cancer is the potential for spreading into the bones, lungs and lymph nodes. As long as the it is confined, it is completely curable. Considering the effects of surgery or radiation treatment (possible impotence), natural preventive and curative approaches are a much better alternative. Supplements play a great role in preventing prostate suffering. One of the most effective is PG-Plus. It contains amino acids, zinc, pumpkin seed extract, raw bovine prostate concentrate, saw palmetto berries, pollen (which reduces the pain and size of the prostate) and uva ursi (a urinary antiseptic). According to Dr. Luc De Schepper "Any man over the age of forty should start taking a product such as PG-Plus (two or four capsules daily) and aviod a lot of future trouble". Dr. Luc De Schepper is a well know medical doctor, licenced acupuncturist and certified homeopath for over 25 years and is the author of a dozen books.

Zinc (as glycinate) 3.3 mg. Fed. Proc, 1976, 35, p.361 Zinc has been shown to reduce the size of the prostate as determined by rectal examination, x-ray and endoscopy.
Pumpkin Seed Concentrate 10 mg. Decongestion of Prostate Schilcher, H.:Z.f. Phytother. 2/2 (1981) 14-16 Pumpkin seed improves the tonicity of the bladder muscles and decongestion of the prostate.
Raw Bovine Prostate Concentrate 80 mg. Highest Natural Source of Zinc Raw prostate concentrate is an excellent source of protien bound zinc and nucleic acids.
Pygeum (Prunus Africanum) 25 mg. Reduce Congestion, Edema, Inflammation Archivo Italiono Urol. 60,133;1988 Reduces prostaglandin levels in the prostate which aids in reducing prostatic inflammation, congestion and edema.
Uva Ursi 10 mg. Urinary Atiseptic, Diuretic and Astringent Planta Med., 18, 1 (1970)
Unsaturated Fatty Acids 10 mg. Normalize Prostaglandins J. Urol., 1945, 53, pp.712-18 In a study of 19 subjects, all showed a reduction in residual urine and 12 showed no residual urine by the end of several weeks.
Pollen 5 mg. Reduces Size and Pain Br J Urol 90; 60(4):398-404 Flower pollen has been shown in numberous studies to reduce both the size of the enlarged prostate and pain of BHP and prostatitis.